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I will post my written music, exercises and other downloadable stuff on this page. Most will be in PDF format and you are free to download and print them if you wish. I’m still working on this site (and trying to hold down a REAL job) so stuff will appear as I am able.

If you don’t have a PDF reader you can download a free one here – – -> PDF.

I use Musescore for transcribing my music. It’s free and it works great.

I developed these exercises for myself, to address specific problems with my technique. I tried to make them musically interesting, too. They are simple but have worked for me. Maybe they will be of some help for you as well.

To begin, it may help to print out this Guitar Notations Sheet. I will use these notations as a standard for all the written music.


This first group addresses the problem with weakness in the 3rd and 4th fingers of the left hand and slurs.

    Here’s my first one. This is a good short exercise for the 4th finger and slurs. I use it as part of my warmup routine. It will give that pinky a workout. 
  • Exercise #1
    This next one continues work on 3 and 4 and the slurs are a little more difficult. Pay special attention to the slurred triplets. 
  • Exercise #2
    This next one is valuable on several levels: it involves good right hand work while still pushing that LH 4th finger. Simple but powerful. 
  • Off Beat
    Good work for i and m. Pay attention to the fingerings, particularly in the scales. 
  • Scaleular

Other Music